Monday, December 8, 2008

House Finished (?)

Well after four completely crazy months, the house is finally finished. Well almost finished. The major construction is done and there are only a few back up items to be taken care of to make it cozy. We still need to paint and get the closets and interior doors installed, the main kitchen cabinets put in, the stair rail on, and there is one hell of a lot of clean up to be done. But the place is starting to feel like a place to live and I am pleased with it.

We had a party here last night for all the people who worked on the house. Anh and her friend Vanh fixed up a traditional meal of duck and chicken complete with rice, soup and salad. Of course there was plenty of beer on hand.

This has all come around none too soon because I head out of here to go home for the holidays next week. I will be back in The States for a month and am really looking forward to seeing everyone as well as having a good Mexican dinner. I hope the new house is all cleaned and settled by the time I return. All I have to do now is find my socks. I hear it's cold in Colorado right now.