Sunday, April 19, 2009


We took a trip to Bangkok a couple of weeks ago to visit some American friends who live there. A Vietnamese couple and their daughter also joined us on the trip.I've been to Bangkok before and must say I never really liked it much before but this time it was great. It makes a difference when you're with someone who knows the city. The first day we visited the Kings Palace and saw all the amazing building on the grounds. It's really quite a sight to see with all the opulence.

Since John and Carol are in the import business, they know the shopping districts like no one else so we spent the next couple of days shopping. It was a little more shopping than I am into but we did pick up some nice things for our house.

There is political unrest in Bangkok right now and it was starting to heat up pretty good while we were there though we were able to avoid it. Since we've been back, the situation has gotten much worse and I think we were lucky to get out of there when we did. From what I hear, the airport is a real mess right now.